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Former MPD officer indicted for allegedly stealing opioid pills confiscated as evidence

Former Mobile Police Officer, after he was arrested last summer on three criminal charges: tampering with physical evidence, theft of property, and possession of a controlled substance. July 19, 2018 MOBILE, AL (WALA) - A Mobile County Grand Jury has indicted Damian Colvin, a former Mobile Police Officer, after he was arrested last summer on three ...

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Virginia State Police trooper faces false entry, destruction of public record charges

Admitted to inadvertently disposing of the items on Nov. 3, 2017, according to the complaint. July 19, 2018 MARION — The destruction of seized items in a Smyth County drug case resulted in two misdemeanor charges being filed against a Virginia State Police trooper, according to court records. State Police charged Trooper Lee Testerman, 40, of Chilh...

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Coroner: Kirkersville Police Chief died from fentanyl overdose

The report from the coroner's office stated that two syringes were found and tested June 1, 2018 COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Franklin County Coroner's Office said Kirkersville Police Chief, James Hughes Jr., died from an acute intoxication by fentanyl. Hughes Jr. had only been working as the police chief for two months before his body was discovered by th...

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Deputy investigated over dead man's missing money

A Racine County Sheriff's Office lieutenant is under investigation, accused of stealing money from a dead man in 2017 Enter Article DATE HERE RACINE, WI (MetroSouce-WSAU) -- A Racine County Sheriff's Office lieutenant is under investigation, accused of stealing money from a dead man in 2017. The District Attorney is investigating about whether...

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Ex-Royalton cop who stole heroin from police evidence room gets 6 months

Police officer charged with taking heroin and other drugs from the department's evidence closet July 12, 2018 A former Royalton police officer charged with taking heroin and other drugs from the department's evidence closet in July 2017, to give to a woman he was dating, was sentenced to six months in prison on Thursday. John Breault, 31, pleaded g...

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Arrest of State Police officer could affect nearly 70 pending cases

The suspect also allegedly took methamphetamine that had been seized during an undercover operation by the FBI July 6, 2018  Select The juvenile female allegedly started receiving the messages following a June 15 traffic stop by Capehart during which he asked for personal information, including her date of birth, email address and phone number...

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DNA and Family Trees to Crack Five More Cold Cases

Police arrested a D.J. in Pennsylvania and a nurse in Washington State this week, the latest examples of the use of an open-source ancestry site since the break in the Golden State killer case. June 29, 2018 When the Golden State Killer case was cracked in April with the help of a genealogist and an open-source ancestry site, many wondered if this ...

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Former Fremont County Sheriff's Office Detective Robert Dodd found guilty on three of four counts

The charges stem from the December 2016 discovery of evidence in the storage locker found by Cañon City resident Rick Ratzlaff, who purchased the unit. June 29, 2018 Former Fremont County Sheriff's Office Detective Robert Dodd was found guilty on three of four counts relating to the possession of murder evidence in a personal storage unit by a jury...

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10 pounds of marijuana sent to wrong address in Indiana

Police in Columbus, Ind. are having a bit of fun as they try to find the person who owns 10 pounds of marijuana that ended up at the wrong address. June 22, 2018 COLUMBUS, Ind. -- Police in Columbus, Ind. are having a bit of fun as they try to find the person who owns 10 pounds of marijuana that ended up at the wrong address. "Please help! My name ...

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Beloit Police chief regrets that ignored rape kit delayed justice

Beloit's police chief says it's regrettable that a rape kit from a 2000 child sex assault case was only recently submitted to the state crime lab, leading to identification of a suspect. June 15, 2018 BELOIT (WKOW) -- Beloit's police chief says it's regrettable that a rape kit from a 2000 child sex assault case was only recently submitted to the st...

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FBI wants to cremate remains found in Detroit body broker's warehouse

FBI evidence lockers and freezers now contain the gruesome evidence, an undisclosed number of bodies, heads, arms, legs, organs, torsos, and apparently, fetuses. June 11, 2018 By Gus Burns The FBI's description of a Detroit warehouse raided in December 2013 is reminiscent of a horror film. It was an extraordinarily unusual case inv...

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Callaway Woman Charged in Theft from Sheriff’s Office

Estergard allegedly destroyed, mutilated, concealed, removed, or altered physical evidence June 11, 2018 BROKEN BOW—Former employee of the Custer County Sheriff's Office currently faces felony charges of theft and tampering with physical evidence. Callaway woman Kelli Estergard, 58, was charged June 7 with theft by unlawful taking (class III felony...

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Called into question: Police say changes made after evidence in high profile cases compromised

Hawaii County police attribute the loss of DNA evidence in two separate high-profile 2016 criminal cases to rodents June 11, 2018 KAILUA-KONA — The safety and integrity of collected police evidence has been called into question as reports of lost and stolen evidence from storage lockers have come to light. Hawaii County police attribute the loss of...

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Leesburg Police looks to go high-tech with evidence system

It's not just the storage that is the problem. Police staff are "burning" discs and making other copies that must be shared with prosecutors and defense attorneys and others June 9, 2018 LEESBURG — Sherlock Holmes would never think of leaving Baker Street without his deerstalker hat and a magnifying glass. If Leesburg police have their way Monday, ...

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Editorial: Nearly 5,000 untested rape kits signals ongoing injustice to Missouri victims

Lawmakers who care about protecting women should give their full support to this legislation to break the logjam of rape kits sitting on shelves, gathering dust. Enter Article DATE HERE Missouri's backlog of nearly 5,000 untested rape kits represents the failure of the criminal justice system to take sexual assault seriously. Shame on law enfo...

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Ex-Deputy Pleads Not Guilty to Drug, Theft Charges

A former Burleigh County sheriff's deputy has pleaded not guilty to charges that he stole evidence from drug cases. Enter Article DATE HERE BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A former Burleigh County sheriff's deputy has pleaded not guilty to charges that he stole evidence from drug cases. Thirty-one-year-old Kerry Komrosky entered his plea Tuesday. The Bi...

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Fentanyl Bust In Nebraska Seizes 118 Pounds Of Opioid Drug Enough To Kill 26 Million People

The Nebraska State Patrol made a history-making drug bust as it seized 118 pounds of the opiate drug fentanyl last month. Enter Article DATE HERE Largest Fentanyl Seizure In Nebraska The bust is the largest fentanyl seizure in the history of Nebraska and among the largest in the United States. The drugs were seized during a routine traffic sto...

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Judge: Hendersonville police negligent in handling of 2003 rape kit

Enter Headline here May 25, 2018 The Hendersonville Police Department was negligent when it failed to deliver a rape kit to the TBI for testing for more than a decade, Judge Dee David Gay ruled last month in his dismissal of a rape charge that dates back to 2003. Jason Swinburne Augustine, 55, was indicted by a Sumner County grand jury in October o...

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Gwinnett deputy resigns amid investigation into missing cocaine evidence

According to authorities, in at least one case three kilograms of cocaine were taken from the scene, but Riggins checked only one kilogram into evidence,e May 21, 2018 A Gwinnett County sheriff's deputy resigned last week amid an investigation that revealed two kilograms of cocaine never made it to the evidence room at the county's jail. Antoine Ri...

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Guns stolen from evidence room of Lithonia police department

internal audit found a handful of guns and other police department property was taken from the evidence room at the Lithonia Police Department May 22, 2018 A small DeKalb County police department is dealing with allegations of serious internal theft. The Bulldog learned, an internal audit found a handful of guns and other police department property...

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Worker finds unsecured box of guns, evidence in trash at Harris County courthouse

"There's not an evidence room in this town that has not had problems holding onto their evidence," he said. "It happens probably more than we know." May 19, 2018 A worker stumbled across a box of guns and money sitting with the trash on Thursday at the Harris County courthouse, where a would-be thief apparently ditched the stash of decade-old evide...

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Flood of Trouble: Hollywood Police evidence vault flooded with sewage, are criminal cases at risk?

An internal police memo says "over 1,200 items had to be removed from the vault and dried." MAY 19, 2018 (WSVN) - A sewage leak inside a South Florida police department left evidence — soaked. The question now: could it sink pending criminal cases? 7's Brian Entin investigates in our special report called "Flood of Trouble." Evidence laid out all o...

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Former Crandall police chief arrested on charges for theft of firearm, tampering with evidence

A department owned AR-15 and department owned shotgun were recovered from him as well as 2 firearms that he was in possession of that had been taken out of the Department Evidence Room." May 19, 2018 CRANDALL, Texas — The former chief of police for the Crandall Police Department has been arrested and charged with theft of a firearm by a public serv...

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Plaintiffs suing Memphis for untested rape kits hope to be considered ‘class action

Among other benefits, it would allow them to be awarded up to $10 million in damages rather than $700,000. May 10, 2018 MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Rape victims are still waiting to get justice as the lawsuit against the City of Memphis for the thousands of untested rape kits moves forward. Valencia Woodin is one of those victims. She was raped at a hotel fiv...

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Arrest made in 16-year-old Athens murder case

"As a result (of the DNA match) detectives from ACCPD have been actively investigating this case for the past six months with the assistance of the DeKalb County Probation Office, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the FBI,". May 11, 2018 A DNA match led to an arrest Tuesday in a 16-year-old Athens murder case. Pamela Crisler, a 49-year-old mental...

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Ex-Quartzsite police evidence tech accused of stealing $20K

Quartzsite police evidence technician has been indicted for allegedly stealing money she was responsible for safeguarding as evidence. May 9, 2018 PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities say a former Quartzsite police evidence technician has been indicted for allegedly stealing money she was responsible for safeguarding as evidence. The Arizona Attorney General...

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Former Gates Co. Sheriff’s Office sergeant charged with stealing firearms, drug possession

A federal grand jury indicted a former sergeant for the Gates County Sheriff's Office Monday with stealing firearms and possessing a significant amount of controlled substances with the intent to distribute them. May 7, 2018 RALEIGH – A federal grand jury indicted a former sergeant for the Gates County Sheriff's Office Monday with stealing firearms...

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Sheriff's department packs up the pills, to be destroyed

Officers loaded up a semi with 500 boxes all full of prescription medication. May 4, 2018 FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - The Allen County Sheriff's Department made a lot of progress Thursday on getting rid of unwanted medication collected during drug take-back days over the last two years. Officers loaded up a semi with 500 boxes all full of prescriptio...

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The case went cold, but DNA evidence eventually identified Robert Burton, 48, as the suspect. May 4, 2018 DNA evidence helped Pinellas County deputies arrest a man in a 25-year-old rape case, the sheriff's office said today. According to deputies, early on Jan. 21, 1993, a 37-year-old woman was walking home from a friend's house in the 2700 block o...

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Omaha man is sentenced to life in prison for 2007 slaying of his aunt (DNA)

While family — even Simmer's mother — long suspected Simmer, the homicide unit wasn't able to pin the killing on him until Schneider ordered tests in 2016 on a DNA sample found on Blanchard's doorknob Enter Article DATE HERE Rarely is a case tinged with so much irony. Consider: Joy Blanchard, 50, was a peace lover who loved to throw parties fo...

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Man Set To Receive Largest Wrongful Conviction Settlement In Md. History (DNA)

Locked up for more than two decades after being wrongfully convicted of a gruesome killing, and now, finally cleared by DNA evidence. May 2, 2018 BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A man wrongfully convicted of killing a woman in her southeast Baltimore home is set to receive a multi-million dollar settlement. Now, the city will pay for the botched murder case that...

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The Hard-to-Trace Ingredient Behind Skyrocketing Cocaine Deaths

Often laced into popular illicit drugs, synthetic opioids are killing more people than heroin or OxyContin. May 2, 2018 In the United States, more people are dying because of synthetic drugs like fentanyl than because of heroin or prescribed painkillers. While, to many, the opioid crisis has been synonymous with heroin and prescription pills, a rep...

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Mid-Year Update: State Legislative Reform in 2018

Visit April 30, 2018 Joyful Heart is leading a national campaign with an ambitious goal—to pass comprehensive rape kit reform legislation in all 50 states. Enacting Joyful Heart's six pillars is the only way to ensure that neither discretion nor resources can be used any longer as an excuse to deny sexual assault survivors the...

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Former DK deputy accused of theft of $25,760

Swanson is accused of taking $25,760 from the drug enforcement unit office evidence room, April 26, 2018 Former Dickinson County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Greg R. Swanson is accused of taking $25,760 from the drug enforcement unit office evidence room, according to the affidavit filed by Christopher M. Nicholson, special agent, Kansas Bureau of I...

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No jail time for ex-detective: Jaramillo gets probation, house arrest, must pay restitution

Enter Headline here April 26, 2018 MORRISON – A disgraced former Rock Fall Police detective will do no jail time for stealing cash from the department's evidence locker. As a result of a plea agreement, Veronica Jaramillo, 45, of Sterling, will serve 2 and a half years' probation and 6 months' house arrest. She pleaded guilty April 18 to three felo...

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Suspended West Springfield police captain arraigned, denies stealing from department

Spaulding is accused of taking more than $1,000 from the West Springfield Police Department evidence room between May 2016 and May 2017.​ April 26, 2018 SPRINGFIELD -- West Springfield Police Capt. Daniel Spaulding, suspended from the force in 2017, was arraigned Thursday in connection with the alleged theft of more than $1,000 from the department....

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Council recognizes work by evidence control officer

Dee Womack, evidence control officer with the Denham Springs Police Department, receives a letter of appreciation from City Councilman Jeff Wesley April 26, 2018 DENHAM SPRINGS – A Denham Springs police officer was called to the City Council meeting on Monday under false pretenses, but there was nothing shady going on. Dee Womack, evidence control ...

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Former Sheriff's Lieutenant Pleads Guilty to Felony Theft

Prosecutors accused Swanson of stealing between $1,500 and $25,000 in cash that was seized as evidence April 21,2018 ABILENE, Kan. (AP) — A former Dickinson County sheriff's lieutenant pleaded guilty to felony theft for stealing evidence from the sheriff's office. The Salina Journal reports two other charges against 49-year-old Greg Swanson were dr...

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Mobile man arrested 20 years after rape, kidnapping (DNA)

DNA evidence from the victim's sexual assault kit (SAK), also known as a rape kit, matched to Williams. April 17, 2018 MOBILE, AL (WALA) - On April 5, 2018, 54-year-old Roderick Williams was transferred from the Baldwin County Jail to the Mobile County Metro Jail after indictments were handed down earlier this year for rape first degree and kidnapp...

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Man claiming wrongful conviction gets $10 million settlement

​ April 20, 2018 GARDEN CITY, N.Y. – A New York man who spent 17 years in prison for the slayings of his parents before a court overturned his conviction settled a civil case with Suffolk County for $10 million Thursday. He previously settled a wrongful conviction lawsuit against New York state for nearly $3.4 million. Martin Tankleff said he's "gr...

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Former police officer won't go to prison in missing guns case

The case involves missing guns from evidence storage. Enter Article DATE HERE PULASKI COUNTY — A former police officer will not spend time in prison. A Pulaski County judge sentenced Ron Patrick to 18 months for obstruction of justice, but suspended it and placed him on probation. The former Pulaski County Sheriff's Deputy pleaded guilty to th...

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Ex-Winter Park cop kept evidence at home and stole from dead man, investigation concludes

Evidence pictures showed $101 in cash, which went missing. April 18, 2018 A former Winter Park police officer violated department policy when he kept sensitive evidence at his home and stole about $100 in cash from a dead man, according to an internal investigation released Wednesday. Frank Cowart, 44, also faces criminal charges after he was accus...

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KBI’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative recommends all sexual assault kits be submitted to a laboratory and tested

The efforts of the Kansas Sexual Assault Kit Initiative are supported by a federal grant awarded to the KBI by the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) in 2016 April 11, 2018 The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) announced today that the Kansas Sexual Assault Kit Initiative has formally recommended all sexual assault k...

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Sheriff improves evidence room tracking

The system the sheriff's department is now using is called "evidence tracker" and it is provided by Progressive Microtechnology, Inc. (PMI); a company that designs custom inventory and asset management systems that incorporate barcoding for use by police departments to help keep track of evidence. Enter Article DATE HERE Logan County Sheriff W...

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Wardell Johnson sentenced to 5 years over actions surrounding death of fellow NOPD officer

Public Integrity Bureau investigators noticed that a box of .40-caliber ammunition from the Peace Court scene had never been logged into evidence. Enter Article DATE HERE Olander Holloway paused to wipe away tears as she sat facing the disgraced ex-cop whose botched response to a domestic violence incident may have contributed to the death of ...

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"Buckskin Girl" case: DNA breakthrough leads to ID of 1981 murder victim

Sheriff's Office said the body was identified through DNA testing as 21-year-old Marcia King of Arkansas. She died of strangulation and blunt force trauma to the head. April 12, 2018 TROY, Ohio -- A body that was discovered in a ditch along an Ohio roadway 37 years ago has been identified as an Arkansas woman through the use of "revolutionary" DNA ...

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How Indiana's largest police department tests rape kits

Enter Headline here April 6, 2018 Now, the state is closer to a rape kit database thanks to a bill Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law. A statewide audit done late last year found thousands of rape kits were sitting in evidence storage at law enforcement agencies. Back in December, Republican State Sen. Michael Crider, from Greenfield, promised to do...

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Police destroy 100+ guns in Petersburg: ‘This may be a small step’

"When people start turning in firearms at the request of the police, they don't want them anymore or we're getting illegal firearms through tips, information being provided by the public," Miller said. April 6, 2018 PETERSBURG, Va. -- More than 100 guns that were taken off of the streets of Petersburg were destroyed by the order of the police chief...

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Former GPD detective is indicted on three charges, arrested

Bayer allegedly removed opiates from the GPD. He would not say if these were taken from the department's evidence locker. April  A former Georgetown Police detective has been indicted on three charges that led to his resignation from the department in mid-March, GPD Assistant Chief Robert Swanigan said Thursday.Chris Bayer was arrested Thursda...

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WBRC Exclusive: New details on arrest of Birmingham police officer

A shopper at the Summit store found the rings and gave them to store employees, who held onto them for a couple of weeks, hoping the rightful owner would return to the store to get them. But when they didn't, the store called Birmingham police to come get the rings and that's where our source says Birmingham Police Officer Tony Williams got involve...

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