Cold case in Missouri solved with DNA: Ex-Air Force member charged with 1993 murder of 9-year-old girl

Earl Webster Cox, 61, has been charged with the killing of Angie Housman, 9, who was found dead nine days after she disappeared in November of 1993, St. Charles County May 7, 2019 A former Air Force service member currently in federal custody has been charged in a 25-year-old cold case in which a 9-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and murdered,...

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Arrest in 43-year-old murder case stuns Wisconsin town

Parabon's experts completed Vannieuwenhoven's family tree in late December. They'd found his parents, who had lived in the Green Bay area.  June 2, 2019 LAKEWOOD, Wis. (AP) — Word of the arrest — via a friend's text message — hit Wayne Sankey like a thunderbolt. "I said, 'You gotta be kidding me,'" Sankey recalled. "And then I told the wife an...

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Police identify killer in 47-year-old cold case murder of ISU student (DNA)

In 2009, familial DNA testing was requested, but it was never approved. May 3, 2019 INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — After nearly 47 years, police say they have identified the killer of an Indiana State University student. Pam Milam was 19 when her body was found in the trunk of her car on campus back in 1972. She was tied up and strangled.  Clothesline ...

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Former TPD property room officer enters plea in federal court

Investigators discovered the pistol previously had been recovered by police in 2015 and had been marked as destroyed April 29, 2019 A retired Toledo police officer pleaded guilty in federal court to stealing guns from the department's property room that he had falsely marked as having been destroyed. Curtis Stone, Sr., 56, of Delta, Ohio, entered a...

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Fargo Police got calls inquiring about 'evidence raffle' after April Fools' prank

The post announced the department was hosting its "first ever" raffle April 1, 2019 The post announced the department was hosting its "first ever" raffle, and that a $20 ticket would get the buyer a box of "goodies" from the evidence room. Though the post had the hashtag #AprilFools, the Fargo Police Department said its evidence room got calls aski...

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Former Grant Co. Detective Pleads Guilty to Stealing Drugs

Taylor was charged after being accused of stealing painkillers from the evidence room nearly 20 times over the last three years Enter Article DATE HERE MARION, Ind. -- A former sheriff's detective from Grant County admitted to stealing drugs from the department's evidence room, but he insists he was not the only thief on the force. Shelby Tayl...

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Former Sugarcreek officer David Strubel pleads to midemeanor in drug theft

The missing drugs were police dog training aids. March 27, 2019 The agreement calls for Strubel to forfeit his state certification as a police officer and spend 30 days in jail. NEW PHILADELPHIA Former Sugarcreek police officer David M. Strubel accepted a plea deal Wednesday to resolve charges that he stole drugs from the State Highway Patrol. Stru...

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Former Mason City police employee receives deferred judgement in drug theft plea deal

Sept. 6, a controlled delivery of prescription medication was made to the Mason City Police Department, 78 S. Georgia Ave., as it is a disposal site for unused or unwanted prescription medication. Severs is accused of stealing 7.5mg and 5mg hydrocodone tablets from the delivery. May 26, 2019 MASON CITY - A former Mason City Police Department employ...

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Fort Oglethorpe police working with company to properly destroy firearms

"Our department joined the International Association of Property and Evidence last year," Helton said. "It's the highest level of property and evidence persons that we know out there in law enforcement that we've become aware of at all.​ May 25, 2019 The Fort Oglethorpe Police Department has reached an agreement with a Missouri company to properly ...

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Cuyahoga County Sexual Assault Kit Task Force nears indictment in 800th victim’s case: By the numbers

The task force has opened cases connected to 7,001 rape kits. Enter Article DATE HERE CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cuyahoga County's Sexual Assault Task Force is close to an indictment in an 800th victim's case. "We will continue to diligently work through the backlog to bring justice for every sexual assault victim," Prosecutor Michael O'Malley said. Th...

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Campbell officer placed on leave after investigation into former chief

The internal investigation centers around accusations that former police chief Dennis Puskarcik took items from the evidence locker. March 15, 2019 CAMPBELL, Ohio - A Campbell police officer has been placed on administrative leave after an internal investigation into what officials say were "unfounded" allegations against the former chief. Accordin...

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Supreme Court rejects Gage County appeal of $28 million wrongful conviction ruling

The six people were wrongfully convicted for the rape and murder of Helen Wilson. They spent more than 75 years combined in prison until DNA evidence cleared them in 2008. March 4, 2019 The U.S. Supreme Court is rejecting an appeal from a Nebraska county that has to pay a $28 million court judgment to six people wrongfully convicted for a 1985 slay...

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Iowa officer exposed to suspected fentanyl during traffic stop: police

"While transporting the female, the officer began feeling dizzy and lightheaded." Enter Article DATE HERE An Iowa police officer was carrying out a traffic stop over the weekend when he was exposed to an unknown substance suspected of being fentanyl, authorities said Monday. The situation unfolded after the Fort Dodge police officer pulled ove...

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South Dakota police solve 38-year-old homicide of infant

he Sioux Falls police discovered a full-term baby dead, wrapped in a blanket and abandoned cornfield ditch on Feb. 28, 1981 March 9, 2019 Police in South Dakota have finally solved the 38-year-old cold case of an abandoned baby using DNA from genealogy sites to identify the child's mother. Theresa (Josten) Bentaas, 57, was arrested Friday in the 19...

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Former Toledo officer accused of having pistol previously marked as destroyed

A former Toledo police officer is facing a federal charge after law enforcement officials say he stole a weapon and other items from an evidence room. March 8 2019 A former Toledo police officer is facing a federal charge after law enforcement officials say he stole a weapon and other items from an evidence room. While searching the home of Curtis ...

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Galesburg police officer reunites long-lost wedding ring with family

Found a wedding ring which had sat in an evidence vault for years Enter Article DATE HERE GALESBURG, Ill. (WEEK) — The detective work of one dedicated Galesburg police officer reunited a family with their parents' long-lost wedding ring. Earlier this month, Sgt. Bryan Anderson found a wedding ring which had sat in an evidence vault for years. ...

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Nebraska county seeks help in paying $28M judgment

DNA evidence cleared them in 2008. February 24, 2019 LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - A Nebraska lawmaker is looking to help a southeastern county pay a $28 million federal judgment owed to six people wrongfully convicted for a 1985 slaying. Sen. Myron Dorn of Adams is a former chairman of the Gage County Board. The county has had to raise its property tax by ...

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Ex-Detroit homicide cop found with locker of evidence

The former detective, who retired from the police force in 2012 but left the Homicide Section in 2009, was being evicted from his home Thursday when court bailiffs and moving company employees stumbled on the evidence, February 8, 2019 Detroit — Police officials have launched a criminal investigation to determine if any murder cases were tainted af...

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Former St. Louis officer accused of stealing suspect’s phone from evidence

City police officer with stealing a woman's cellphone after she was booked at an area patrol station. Enter Article DATE HERE According to court documents, the theft is said to have occurred January 21 at the South Patrol Police Station in the 3500 block of Sublette Avenue. The victim had previously been taken into custody for an outstanding t...

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Twin Lakes Police captain under criminal investigation

Capt. is suspected of taking prescription medications that were turned in to the police department through a drug take-back program. February 19, 2019 The second-in-command at the Twin Lakes Police Department is under criminal investigation for illegally removing prescription medications from the department. Capt. Dennis Linn is suspected of taking...

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Toledo police investigating retired officer related to missing firearm

Enter Headline here February 14, 2019 Toledo police are investigating a retired officer who worked in the department's property room after a firearm — and possibly other items — went missing. The internal breach has prompted the department to spend $10,000 on "additional security technology in the department's property room and updating policy and ...

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Cold-case breakthrough: Arrest made in 1993 murder based on DNA, info on genealogy site

Through additional forensic DNA testing and online genealogy website investigation, the suspect's DNA was identified as being consistent with DNA left at the crime scene, February 12, 2019 A suspect has been arrested in the 1993 murder of 35-year-old Jeanne Ann Childs in her Minneapolis apartment, based on DNA evidence and information on a genealog...

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Details emerge from investigation into former Campbell Police Chief

Alleged to have taken items including a glass mason jar with a marijuana leaf painted on it, a Fraternal Order of Police emblem, a Crown Royal cloth bag and a liter of vodka. January 29, 2019 Documents obtained from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation shed further light on the events leading up to the resignation of former Campbell Police Chief De...

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Tulsa County Sheriff's property room overflowing

The property room currently houses about 56,000 pieces of property and evidence held by the sheriff's office. JANUARY 23, 2019 Stored personal property at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is becoming a big strain on law enforcement. The property room storing items of jail inmates belongings is running out of space to store pertinent items, like ev...

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Police chief resigns, officer terminated amid theft inquiry

a lack of leadership, poor training and mishandling of evidence in the county seat's police department. January 18, 2019 HILLSBORO, Mo. An eastern Missouri police chief has resigned and an officer has been terminated amid an investigation into theft allegations. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Hillsboro Mayor Joe Phillips says the investig...

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Thousands of rape kits go untested in Indiana

More than 2,500 rape kits from potentially viable cases currently sit unprocessed in police and sheriff evidence rooms across Indiana, a review of the untested kits has revealed. January 15, 2019 More than 2,500 rape kits from potentially viable cases currently sit unprocessed in police and sheriff evidence rooms across Indiana, a review of the unt...

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County officers hospitalized after exposure to fentanyl during traffic stop in Brentwood

"One of the officers started having numbness and tingling in his hand and mild dizziness and feeling lightheaded," Kurten said. January 10, 2019 UPDATED at 4 p.m. with new information, including results of tests showing substance was fentanyl. BRENTWOOD • Two St. Louis County police officers were taken to a hospital after being exposed Tuesday to f...

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Campbell police chief resigns after being cleared in evidence room investigation

City officials previously said that the allegation against the chief is that he allegedly removed evidence from the evidence locker room January 7, 2019 CAMPBELL, Ohio - The Police Chief for the City of Campbell has resigned after an investigation was launched against him. Police Chief Dennis Puskarcik turned in his letter of resignation to the cit...

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John Siranovic was found guilty of taking about $10,000 from an evidence room

Former Smith Township Police Chief John Siranovic was sentenced Wednesday for stealing money from a police evidence room. November 7, 2018 YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - Former Smith Township Police Chief John Siranovic was sentenced Wednesday for stealing money from a police evidence room. A judge sentenced him to two years in prison, to be served...

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Ex chief goes on trial over missing 10k

The former Smith Township police chief, was the only person who held the key to the department's evidence room September 25, 2018 Prosecutors said Monday in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court that John Siranovic, the former Smith Township police chief, was the only person who held the key to the department's evidence room, failed to show proper doc...

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UPDATE | Campbell chief placed on administrative leave

Audit found items missing from an evidence locker. December 28, 2018 CAMPBELL — Police Chief Dennis Puskarcik has been placed on leave after an internal audit found items missing from an evidence locker. Law Director Brian Macala said Mayor Nick Phillips placed Puskarcik on leave today. Macala said the audit was done at the request of the state Bur...

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Former Sugarcreek policeman David M. Strubel charged with theft of drugs, theft in office

Indicted on charges of stealing drugs from the State Highway Patrol December 29, 2018 NEW PHILADELPHIA A former Sugarcreek policeman and Garaway school resource officer has been indicted on charges of stealing drugs from the State Highway Patrol and/or the village police department. The Tuscarawas County grand jury also charged David M. Strubel, 33...

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DNA evidence leads police to charge Iowa man with 1979 murder of 18-year-old woman

Partnership with genetic genealogy has helped law enforcement across the country solve a number of years-old cold case murders and rapes. Enter Article DATE HERE Thirty-nine years to the day that a woman was killed and left in her family's car in the parking lot of an Iowa mall, officials announced Wednesday a suspect was arrested in her murde...

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Civilian employee for Villa Park Police Department charged with stealing drugs from evidence locker

Enter Headline here November 8, 2018 A former civilian employee of the Villa Park Police Department has been charged with stealing drugs from the department's evidence locker, DuPage County prosecutors said Wednesday. John Simons, 48, of Lombard, is facing felony counts of official misconduct, theft of government property and possession of a contro...

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Ex-Altoona detective charged with felonies, accused of switching seized pills with other meds

Authorities accuse Copeland of switching pills seized during criminal investigations in 2017 with over-the-counter medication. The pills were kept in temporary evidence lockers at the Altoona Police Department. October 17, 2018 A former Altoona police detective who resigned in April to avoid termination has been charged with four felonies after he ...

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Former Grant County detective accused of stealing prescription drugs from evidence room

Enter Headline here October 16m 2018 GRANT COUNTY, Ind.– A former detective in the Grant County Sheriff's Office is facing charges following an Indiana State Police (ISP) investigation. Veteran Det. Lt. Shelby Taylor resigned in August after more than 20 years on the job. State police initially said their investigation was about misconduct and thef...

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1990s cold case murders in South Carolina, Missouri solved through DNA breakthrough, police say

Robert Brashers, who killed himself in a standoff with police in Missouri in 1999, was linked to the three homicides through DNA October 6, 2018 A man with an extensive criminal history was identified by authorities Friday as the suspect in two 1990s cold case murders in Missouri and South Carolina. Robert Brashers, who killed himself in a standoff...

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Water leak in evidence room at Ingham County Sheriff's Office

This is not the first leak in the evidence room. A sewage leak in 2012 wasn't reported to the prosecutor's office for 4 years. Hundreds of pieces of evidence were destroyed October 11, 2018 Mason, Mich. - A water leak was discovered in the evidence room at the Ingham County Sheriff's Office in Mason this week. Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth tells FOX4...

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Sugarcreek police officer David Strubel charged with stealing drugs

The criminal complaint against Strubel says that on or about Aug. 24 to Sept. 27, he took from the State Highway Patrol narcotics that were evidence and narcotics that were police dog training aids. October 4, 2018 "I was shocked and disappointed to learn of this. But this behavior cannot be tolerated. We took swift and direct action, and I commend...

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Woman who worked for Mason City PD charged with stealing prescription drugs

Severs is accused of taking prescription medication that was dropped off at the police department – a disposal site for unused or unwanted prescription medication – and putting it in her backpack. October 10, 2018 MASON CITY, Iowa – A woman who worked as an administrative assistant with the Mason City Police Department is no longer employed after b...

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AG finds 5,000-plus untested sexual assault evidence kits, gets grant for backlog analysis

Attorney general's office has received a $2.8 million Sexual Assault Kit Initiative grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to process untested evidence October 1, 2018 At least 5,424 sexual assault evidence "kits" remain untested in Missouri, according to final numbers from the attorney general's statewide audit released Monday. In May, the prel...

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Homicide evidence never gets tossed

When you're murdered in Youngstown, they bury you twice – once in a grave and once in a file. September 30, 2018 When you're murdered in Youngstown, they bury you twice – once in a grave and once in a file. In the file, you live forever because under state law, that file and any other evidence collected in a homicide can never be thrown out, except...

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Untested Rape Kits Hid 817 Serial Predators In Detroit, Tens Of Thousands More Concealed In Backlog Across U.S.

In Detroit alone, 11,000 rape kits that were slowly tested over the last few years revealed 817 serial rapists—meaning there are likely close to 29,000 repeat rapists, whose identities are hiding in those crime-scene kits gathering dust around the U.S. Enter Article DATE HERE Detroit's recent discovery of more than 800 serial rapists underscor...

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Ex-Smith Township police chief guilty of $10k theft

Guilty on charges of theft in office and grand theft for taking about $10,000 from the police department's evidence locker Enter Article DATE HERE YOUNGSTOWN John Siranovic, former Smith Township police chief, brought shame upon not only himself but all law-enforcement officers, assistant Mahoning County Prosecutor Ken Cardinal said Wednesday....

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Warren city worker convicted of theft

The lawn mower, part of evidence Warren police had collected in a series of home burglaries, was discovered missing when police were planning to return it to its owner. September 23, 2018 WARREN – A Warren city employee was found guilty today on petty theft charges involving theft of a lawn mower from the city operations department. Griffing receiv...

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Sleepy Eye Police Moving To Site Of Former Liquor Store

"We used to have the liquor store in the building for years and years when they first built the building in 1984. The new police station will be a much more modern facility with a dedicated interrogation room with video recording equipment, a state-of-the-art evidence room September 21, 2018 SLEEPY EYE, MN - The Sleepy Eye Police Department has bee...

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Westport shooting may be among cases missing evidence after KC police warehouse fire

Cases where evidence may be compromised include a double sexual-assault trial, September 13, 2018 Criminal trials may go on hold and attorneys are worrying about lost evidence three weeks after a fire damaged one of the Kansas City Police Department's evidence storage rooms. Cases where evidence may be compromised include a double sexual-assault tr...

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Defense attorneys worry evidence missing after KCPD warehouse fire

Police Department. Defense attorneys say cases are stalling and they're not sure some evidence can be salvaged. September 14, 2018 KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- We're now learning the impact of a fire that damaged an evidence warehouse used by the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department. Defense attorneys say cases are stalling and they're not sure some evidence ...

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Ex-Indiana State Police Evidence Clerk Charged With Theft

Enter Headline here September 12, 2018 BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — A former Indiana State Police evidence clerk is accused of stealing money from the evidence room at the agency's Bloomington police post. Fifty-five-year-old Vera Gardner of Bloomington was charged Monday in Monroe County with one count of theft. Online court documents indicate the cha...

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Reprimand: Deputy seizes marijuana in traffic stop, doesn't report it

How deputy discarded the marijuana isn't disclosed September 10, 2018 BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio -- A Butler County deputy facing a federal lawsuit in connection with withholding and tampering with evidence received a formal reprimand, more than a year prior, for improperly disposing of evidence. The evidence in question? Marijuana. On Sept. 7, 2013, Depu...

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