Former State Patrol investigator accused of stealing prescription drugs, controlled substances

Court documents indicate that Kober had previously been assigned to pick up the drop-off boxes from drug take-back events. November 15, 2017 Former Nebraska State Patrol investigator Christopher G. Kober has been accused by federal prosecutors of stealing drugs while on the job and intending to distribute them to others. The Patrol fired Kober, 44,...

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Metro narcotics sergeant charged with pocketing $5,000 in sting set up by department

Authorities says he pocketed thousands of dollars in cash during a sting set up by the department. Enter Article DATE HERE A Metro Nashville Police Department sergeant was arrested Wednesday after authorities says he pocketed thousands of dollars in cash during a sting set up by the department. James Landon Dunaway, 42, a narcotics sergeant in...

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Mom dies cleaning up following son’s fatal overdose

Plummer became short of breath after cleaning up her son's overdose and was taken to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, which is where her son was rushed just a day earlier. He died one day after his mother. November 15, 2017 A Pennsylvania coroner believes that a 69-year-old woman who died earlier this month likely came into contact with a deadly ...

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Evidence audits show room for improvement in Greenwood, Laurens counties

SLED's investigators found some items had been destroyed, returned to people or sent to SLED from the evidence rooms, but the system had not been updated to show the items were gone, the report said November 13, 2017 Whenever a sheriff's office changes hands, it's customary to have the State Law Enforcement Division come in and inventory any eviden...

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Former chief of Colebrookdale Police appeals firing

Viola failed to follow police procedures when destroying 80 marijuana plants that had been seized as evidence in two cases November 12, 2017 Colebrookdale Township, PA When former Colebrookdale Police Chief David Viola was fired in May, township officials declined to give a reason for the 16-year police veteran's termination. The reason has come to...

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Son of former Baton Rouge judge released from prison in evidence room theft case

Colvin admitted distributing the stolen cocaine for a roughly $200,000 profit and spending the money on a vehicle, jewelry and other things, court documents showed. Prosecutors said the thefts occurred between September and December 2012. More than 48 pounds of cocaine was stolen. Enter Article DATE HERE The son of a former Baton Rouge judge h...

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Missouri Attorney General announces audit of unprocessed sexual assault evidence kits

The Missouri attorney general's office will conduct a thorough audit of unprocessed sexual assault evidence "kits" across the state November 09, 2017 The Missouri attorney general's office will conduct a thorough audit of unprocessed sexual assault evidence "kits" across the state, Attorney General Josh Hawley announced Thursday. There is no law in...

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Man Wanted in Cold Case Murder Arrested in Traffic Stop While Living Normal Life in Florida

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE Two cold case killings of young women in the New York area may soon be officially closed as police say they have arrested the man responsible in Florida. Christopher Gonzalez, 36, was arrested for the murder of Dora Delvalle Almontaser, who was 19 years old when she was strangled with a phone cord in...

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Aberdeen Police Lieutenant Charged, Accused Of Stealing Drugs

The officer stole the drugs from an evidence locker and a citizen prescription drop box. November 9, 2017 An Aberdeen Police lieutenant has been charged after officials say he stole and consumed drugs such as OxyContin, heroin, fentanyl and cocaine. Aberdeen Police Department lieutenant Daniel E. Gosnell, 38, has been charged with misconduct in off...

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Former Memphis police lieutenant testifies about negligence, cover-up in sex crimes unit

A former Memphis Police Lieutenant testified on Wednesday that detectives intentionally closed sexual assault cases without sending victim's rape kits out for testing or following up on leads first November MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Shocking new details are coming out of a lawsuit against the City of Memphis for the backlog of untested rape kits. A former ...

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Buckingham cops clear out evidence room by destroying old firearms

Drug paraphernalia, stolen items and firearms — some dating back to the 1980s — clogged the shelves. November 09, 2017 Buckingham police recently had 98 guns that were stored in the department's evidence room destroyed by a local company that salvages the parts. Empty space inside the Buckingham Police Department's evidence storage room was getting...

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Gypsy Hill killings: Arrest made in 1976 cold case murder of 19-year-old woman

Two years ago DNA evidence gathered decades earlier at two of the crime scenes resulted in two murder charges against Rodney Lynn Halbower, who had already been in prison for most of his adult life, most recently on an attempted murder charge in Oregon. Enter Article DATE HERE DALY CITY — For years, law enforcement officials believed the same ...

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Former Framingham cop apologizes for evidence theft, pleads guilty

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE WOBURN – A former Framingham Police officer tearfully apologized after pleading guilty Tuesday to stealing more than $19,000 from the police department's evidence room more than two years ago. Alan Dubeshter, 56, pleaded with Middlesex Superior Court Judge Jack Lu not to send him to jail. "I made a t...

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Detectives solve 1979 murder of Salem teen

Persistence and DNA lead to the killer, who died in prison in 2002 November 6, 2017 SALEM — The persistence of a detective and the sister of a young woman who was stabbed and beaten has solved a murder in Oregon — 38 years after it happened. On March 9, 1979, Janie Landers disappeared outside the Fairview Training Center for the developmentally dis...

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Review shows evidence backlog at Casper Police Department

November 5, 2017 The Casper Police Department is accumulating evidence far more quickly than it is disposed of, which means a department that already has six evidence storage facilities will need to add storage space if things don't change. An external review of the police department conducted by the Center for Public Safety Management indicates th...

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Gun used in SAPD officer's murder missing

No one from the San Antonio Police Department would say where it might be or if it will ever be recovered. November 4, 2017 AN ANTONIO - What happens to a gun used in a crime? You might assume police take it and lock it away as evidence, but as KENS 5 found out, that's not always the case. The shooting death of SAPD Detective Benjamin Marconi is a ...

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Tulsa Forensic Lab Sets International Example

The Tulsa Police Department Forensic Lab was recently accredited through new international standards. November 2, 2017 The Crime Lab at the Tulsa Police Department is setting the bar high for other crime labs around the world. When the Tulsa Police Department collects evidence from a scene, they are careful to preserve it before it's transported to...

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JPD investigates missing items from evidence room, prosecuting attorney releases statement

"There was no proof of criminal wrongdoing at that time and no charges were brought against anyone," Chief Elliott said. Enter Article DATE HERE JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott said in a statement Friday that an investigation revealed missing money, drugs, and other general property from their evidence room. Chief El...

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PPB making progress in testing rape kit backlog; developing way to track kits electronically

The Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Summit of Cities Conference was held in Portland for the first time, in October. Enter Article DATE HERE PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Police Bureau says it's making huge strides in testing the city's rape kit backlog. Growth the bureau discussed at a sexual assault conference in Portland. The Sexual Assa...

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Oregon State Police detective solves 1979 cold case murder of Salem teen (DNA)

In April 2016, the crime lab confirmed a blood stain on the shirt matched a man's DNA. Enter Article DATE HERE More than 38 years after Janie Landers was brutally stabbed and beaten to death, an Oregon State Police detective was finally able to return a pair of earrings to her family and deliver the news they'd long waited to hear: He knew who...

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Accused cop moves closer to trial

Police officer accused of stealing heroin from an evidence locker, and then overdosing while on the job November 1, 2017 Ebensburg, Cambria County Pa. - Today a former Johnstown police officer accused of stealing heroin from an evidence locker, and then overdosing while on the job, is one step closer to trial. Police say William Slisz started steal...

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Ex-Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Charges

A former police officer in Vermont accused of stealing heroin from a police evidence locker and giving it to an addict with whom he was having an intimate relationship has pleaded not guilty to drug charges. November 1, 2107 BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — A former police officer in Vermont accused of stealing heroin from a police evidence locker and giving...

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Bakersfield Police Officer under investigation for embezzlement and use of controlled substance

A city owned gun that was "misappropriated" without the city's permission. November 1, 2017 BAKERSFIELD, CA - Bakersfield Police are investigating one of their own. Investigators confirm they served a search warrant on a fellow officer. The warrant, written by a Bakersfield Detective says they're investigating the possibility of a fellow city emplo...

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Advocates criticize handling of sexual assault evidence

Many agencies don't send evidence for testing unless a victim wants to pursue potential charges. They said testing every evidence kit would also add to Missouri's already extensive backlog. October 30, 2017 COLUMBIA, Mo. Advocates against sexual violence say Missouri's lack of evidence testing in some sexual assault cases make it harder to link rep...

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Florida Cop Stole Drugs From Dying Man’s Home After Hurricane Irma

A little over an hour after paramedics took a dying Boynton Beach, Florida man to the hospital, Palm Beach County Deputy Jason Cooke was caught rifling through the man's cabinets and drawers, according to a probable cause affidavit. October 28, 2018 A sheriff's deputy swooped into a senior citizen's house after paramedics were called — and was caug...

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Deputy, sergeant face hearings in Dracut evidence locker controversy

Sgt. also implicated in the evidence locker controversy, is the subject of another separate hearing. Enter Article DATE HERE DRACUT -- Deputy Police Chief David Chartrand, suspended last year for two weeks for his handling of documents in a lieutenant's personnel file, is the subject of an upcoming disciplinary hearing centered on the administ...

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Windham Police Department investigating evidence room break-in

According to Police Chief Eric Breiding, someone broke into the building sometime between 4 p.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday. October 25, 2017 WINDHAM-The Windham Police Department, along with the Portage County Sheriff's Office is investigating a break-in at the police department's evidence room that is housed in an off-site building. According to P...

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BCI investigating Windham police evidence room break-in

"We don't know what's missing, and I don't want to speculate," October 24, 2017 The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, with the assistance of the Portage County Sheriff's Office, are investigating an overnight break-in at the Windham Police Department evidence room. The evidence room is not at the police station at 9621 E. Center St., but at an...

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Senate Passes Cornyn, Poe Bill to Fight Nationwide Rape Kit Backlog

Across the country, there are shelves full of untested rape kits, denying victims justice," said Rep. Poe. "In 2015, the DOJ estimated there were as many as 400,000 untested rape kits in the United States. October 24, 2016 U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and U.S. Representative Ted Poe (TX-02) released the following statements after their bipartisa...

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Rape Kits Tracking Funding Concurring Votes Away From Passage

The measure would set aside $4-million for the tracking software and training. October 23, 2017 State Capitol - file photo Credit Cheyna Roth / Michigan Public Radio Network (MPRN-Lansing) Michigan is on its way to tracking sexual assault kits. The legislation is in response to major backlogs of sexual assault kit processing. Almost ten years ago, ...

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District Attorney expects to file more charges against Fremont County Sheriff's Office detective

What led to the charges against Dodd was the discovery of evidence in a storage unit that belonged to him. Enter Article DATE HERE Additional charges against a former Fremont County Sheriff's Office detective are expected to be filed within the next month by the District Attorney's Office. Robert Dodd, who now is retired from the FCSO, faces t...

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Former Royalton Officer Indicted

Three felony charges in connection with drugs reportedly stolen from the police station's evidence locker October 20, 2017 Burlington — A federal grand jury indicted former Royalton police officer John Breault on Thursday on three felony charges in connection with drugs reportedly stolen from the police station's evidence locker over the summer. Th...

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Boston police officer indicted on charges of larceny and money laundering

Allegedly stole about $2,000 from the file of a closed bank robbery case in January while assigned to the Evidence Management Unit Enter Article DATE HERE A Boston police officer was indicted on charges of stealing money from the department's evidence room and attempting to launder it at Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville, Massachusetts. Jos...

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Florida Man Awarded $37,500 After Cops Mistake Glazed Doughnut Crumbs For Meth

Rushing was booked on charges of possessing methamphetamine while armed with a weapon. Enter Article DATE HERE It sounds like a joke, but, well — keep reading. In December 2015, 64-year-old Daniel Rushing had just dropped off a friend at chemotherapy and was driving home an older woman from his church who worked at the 7-Eleven and would other...

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DA: DNA evidence solved 1995 cold cases in Schenectady County

Blood samples from Maciag's family members helped secure a search warrant October 16, 2017 SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Schenectady County District Attorney's Office announced Monday that 1995 cold cases have been solved thank to DNA matches. According to District Attorney Bob Carney, 17-year-old Suzanne Nauman's murder has been solved. The gir...

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Audit Report Places Several Fort Smith Police Officers Under Suspicion Of Theft

Auditor Tracey Shockley mentions in her report missing money in the narcotics and evidence units and failure to document spending properly, among other discrepancies. October 16, 2017 FORT SMITH (KFSM) — A Fort Smith preliminary audit report puts several Fort Smith police officers under suspicion of theft. Auditor Tracey Shockley mentions in her re...

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Nebraska State Patrol, DEA agent make state's biggest fentanyl seizure yet

This fentanyl seizure is the largest-ever in Nebraska and one of the largest in the nation October 12, 2017 The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Nebraska State Patrol made a record-setting fentanyl seizure — 15 kilos, with a potential street value of $15 million — during routine surveillance at the Amtrak train station in Omaha on Wednesday morning....

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Albuquerque police look to start ‘item of the week’ to get valuables back to owners

"We have 5,000 unique items back here," Enter Article DATE HERE Cute and Pas ALBUQUERQUE, N.M (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Police Department said it's looking for a new way to get stolen and lost items building up in their evidence lab, back to their owners. "We have 5,000 unique items back here," Officer Simon Drobik said. They're all checked-in ...

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DNA helps RPD make arrest in 30-year-old cold case murder

Richmond's deputy commonwealth's attorney says a Richmond detective ran Poortie's fingernail clippings that were collected after her murder for DNA. October 13,2017 RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Police have arrested a man in connection with a murder that took place more than 30 years ago. The man was serving time in New Jersey for another crime w...

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Suspect arrested in nearly 20-year-old rape case

At one point last year, there were more than 13,000 untested rape kits in Florida. October 10, 2017 Cornelious Florman, 51, was arrested in Virginia for an almost 20-year-old rape case on Fort Myers Beach on Tuesday. The NBC2 Investigators have been following his story since learning his DNA was linked to the crime. Florman is already a convicted r...

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California law enforcement agencies will have to count and preserve all of their untested rape kits

The three measures are part of ongoing efforts in Sacramento to tackle rape kit backlogs at law enforcement agencies and to increase the number of victims who report sexual assault and seek treatment. October 12, 2017 California law enforcement agencies will have to preserve and count all of their untested rape kits and ensure they inform sexual as...

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Officer accused of taking money from evidence room

Nee is accused of stealing approximately $2,000 from the evidence related to a closed bank robbery case in January, the AG's Office said. October 12, 2017 BOSTON — Boston police Officer Joseph Nee is accused of stealing money from the department's evidence room and trying to launder it at Plainridge Park Casino. Nee, 44, was indicted Thursday by a ...

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Ex-deputy convicted of killing other officers dies in prison

Authorities said Elkins, Crow and an evidence technician surprised Hudson at the office where they went that evening because of previous thefts of drugs and guns from the facility. October 12, 2017 A former undercover narcotics officer serving life terms for killing two fellow law enforcement officers in Yuma 22 years ago has died in prison. The Ar...

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Montague MA Police Chief Charles Dodge III was questioned in mishandling of drug dropbox while in treatment for pill addiction

Montague Police Chief Charles Dodge III, a recovering oxycodone addict Enter Article DATE HERE Montague Police Chief Charles Dodge III, a recovering oxycodone addict, was the subject of an Attorney General investigation into mishandling of the department's prescription drug drop off program last year, according to an investigation by the Green...

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WDSU Investigates: New problems at NOPD property and evidence room

There are also pictures of dead rats and possums in the facility, and a picture that shows a snake slithering across a floor where stolen and confiscated bikes are stored Enter Article DATE HERE NEW ORLEANS — More problems have appeared inside the New Orleans Police Department's property and evidence room. Exclusive pictures from inside that f...

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Sewer breaks plague Marion sheriff's office (Evidence Room)

But behind the basement evidence room's locked door are boxes piled high to the ceiling, each containing evidence from crimes long gone, evidence that sheriff's office employees are slowly picking through. October 12, 2017 MARION — The sewer system in the Marion County Sheriff's Office has been causing headaches — and not just because of the smell ...

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Ex-Detroit deputy chief indicted in towing scandal

She accepted cash bribes while helping an unnamed towing company owner with permits and circumvent rules that prohibit a towing company owner from having more than one company in each police district or towing rotation, according to the indictment. Enter Article DATE HERE "If the allegations are true, it's extremely troubling," Detroit Police ...

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As crime lab cases climb, Montana aims to make sex assault evidence kits more efficient

"With DNA technology moving in the direction it's moving, we're able to get DNA from things we couldn't in the past," October 10, 2017 The state crime lab is in the preliminary stages of reconfiguring the sexual-assault evidence kits used by doctors and nurses to collect samples from women who have been raped. Since 2011, the number of cases the la...

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Total in Murray evidence room theft up to $16,000

A veteran deputy on charges she stole at least  $16,000 from the evidence room has left his department with a "black eye." October  CHATSWORTH, Ga. — Murray County Sheriff Gary Langford said the arrest last week of a veteran deputy on charges she stole at least $16,000 from the evidence room has left his department with a "black eye....

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Deputy Accused Of Stealing 1,000 Pills From Drug Take-Back Event

Investigators reportedly seized a "garbage bag full of medication" from the deputy's residence October 10, 2017 Investigators reportedly seized a "garbage bag full of medication" from the deputy's residence. Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr introducing the haul from Prescription Drug Take-Back Day in 2014. Photo via YouTube A deputy with the Musco...

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