Man claims he owns $16K held by Pflugerville police but now missing

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Former Simpsonville police officer gets 12 years for P.D. robbery

Arrested Jan. 7, 2016, in connection with the November 2015 burglary of thousands of dollars as well as guns and drugs from the Simpsonville Police Department, March 6, 2017 Terry Putnam was sentenced Monday to 12 years in prison for a 2015 robbery at the Simpsonville Police Department Putnam, the Simpsonville Police officer arrested Jan. 7, 2016, ...

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DA: Upper Dublin detective killed himself after stealing drugs or cash from dozens of cases

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE He was a well-respected police detective, a marathoner, a youth sports coach, and a dedicated dad to four children. Colleagues knew him as someone they could depend on. But Michael W. Gommer, an 18-year veteran of the Upper Dublin Township Police Department, kept a secret for years: He was a drug add...

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New guidelines for police department's evidence storage after theft

Drugs and cash missing from a police evidence room were taken by a police detective who has since passed away. March 2, 2017 UPPER DUBLIN, Pa. - Drugs and cash missing from a police evidence room were taken by a police detective who has since passed away. The Upper Dublin Police Department and Montgomery County District Attorney's office revealed T...

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South Amboy Detective Stole Cash From the Evidence Room, Prosecutor Says

A high-ranking South Amboy cop stole cash seized in investigations from the evidence room, the county prosecutor says. February 23, 2017 SOUTH AMBOY, NJ - A South Amboy police detective has been charged with stealing money from the evidence room, the Middlesex County prosecutor announced Thursday morning. Detective Matthew Barcheski, 39, who lives ...

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After evidence goes missing, the tech is charged

Gary Coffman, 45, has been charged with three felony counts of possession of methamphetamine while in possession of a firearm, one felony count of possession of stolen property (firearms), three misdemeanor counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, and two misdemeanor counts of drug possession February 15, 2017 A police evidence technician has be...

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After scandal, Braintree's new police chief envisions new kind of evidence room

In the last year alone, officials in Mass have investigated allegations of evidence room misconduct in police departments in Westford, Adams, Lee, Springfield, Framingham and Braintree, according to a running list maintained by the International Association for Property And Evidence Inc., one of the few organizations that train police on evidence h...

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STPSO: Causeway police officer arrested after money, drugs goes missing from evidence room

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office to investigate missing evidence, which included $6,300 and narcotics that could not be found in the evidence room of the Causeway Police Department, officials said.​ February 2, 2017 Sgt. William Jones Jr. faces one count of felony theft and malfeasance after an investigation that began at the request of Causeway...

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Judge: Turn over documents in missing pills case if no arrest by May

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Pot stench wafts from Police Dept. into City Hall

Police Lt. Mark Newport said the plants were so pungent, their skunky aroma wafted down the hall from the locked makeshift evidence room, up an elevator shaft and into the City Hall building. Some people complained the aroma made them feel ill, he said. January 25, 2017 PORTSMOUTH - A pungent pot odor permeated Portsmouth police headquarters, as we...

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Pipe bursts in evidence room at LMPD HQ

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Was use of drug forfeiture money in Saginaw legal?

Garrett DeWyse was overseeing the evidence and property room and protested when he was ordered to remove $2,000 for the bag that was needed for a confidential informant drug buy. January 13, 2017 More than $22,000 was taken from a man by a sheriff's deputy, and then that money was used by the sheriff's department for confidential informant drug buy...

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Missing evidence case lands in court

Evidence presented against retired MI trooper January 10, 2017 CADILLAC — Michigan State Police Lt. David Street noted something out of place in a photograph of a drawer that once was a repository for evidence money collected in MSP-investigated cases as he displayed the image to onlookers in a Wexford County courtroom. "It is empty," Street said. ...

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Foust retiring as Johnstown police chief; on leave following officer's overdose

At that time, it was revealed Chief Foust allegedly knew about a previous breach into the evidence room but did not take appropriate action December 30, 2016 Craig Foust will retire as chief of the Johnstown Police Department effective Saturday. The announcement was made during a regular City Council meeting on Thursday. Foust, who has been on paid...

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Former officer avoids prison time

Enter Headline here Enter Article DATE HERE A former Columbus Police Department narcotics division supervisor who admitted taking drugs from the department's evidence room will not be going to prison. Jeremy R. Coomes, 39, was given a nine-year sentence Wednesday afternoon in Bartholomew Circuit Court on a Level 3 felony, possession of methamp...

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Former DPD officer given probation

a former property and evidence section sergeant for the DPD, has been accused of stealing nearly $15,000 in cash that had been lawfully placed in the DPD's property and evidence section. Dec 6, 2016 A former Douglas Police Department Sergeant has been placed on four years probation and ordered to pay $14,991.90 in restitution to the DPD after accep...

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Town Of Westford Says Money Went Missing From Police Evidence Room

the town said the money was from closed criminal cases, and had been stored in the locked evidence room. Enter Article DATE HERE WESTFORD (CBS) — An investigation was opened over a year ago into the disappearance of an undisclosed amount of money from the Westford Police Department evidence room, the town of Westford said Thursday. In a statem...

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New law seeks to tackle years-old backlog of rape evidence

It also requires law enforcement agencies to submit every new evidence kit to a laboratory within 10 days and for it to be tested within 90 days. December 4, 2016 ALBANY — A bill signed into law by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo last week aims to unlock evidence needed to solve countless rapes that has been stored in "rape kits," sometimes for years. The new...

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Ex-North Slope police employee gets prison time for stealing over $100K from evidence room

A former North Slope Borough Police Department evidence custodian has been sentenced to eight months in prison for stealing more than $100,000 from her employer, but prosecutors say an internal audit could not pin down the total amount of stolen money. December 1, 2016 A former North Slope Borough Police Department evidence custodian has been sente...

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Braintree police evidence room to be moved following scandal

The Braintree Police evidence room will be relocated and additional safeguards installed, the town council was told Tuesday night. November 16, 2016 RAINTREE – The police department's evidence room will be moved to the former pistol range on the lower level of the police station, Mayor Joseph Sullivan told the town council Tuesday night. Interim Po...

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Police officer arrested after being accused of stealing drug-related evidence

Stone resigned last month after he was confronted over missing narcotics in the police department's evidence room. A state police investigation confirmed that heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, prescription drugs, and cash had been stolen from the evidence room. Stone was the primary evidence room custodian. November 10, 2016 Criminal charges have been fil...

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A former state police sergeant in charge of a post's evidence room is accused of stealing nearly $10,000

Sergeant's gambling tied to missing $9,600 from evidence room November 7, 2016 CADILLAC, MI – A former state police sergeant in charge of a post's evidence room is accused of stealing nearly $10,000, police said. Malcolm Lindsey Irwin, 52, of Cadillac, had financial problems and a gambling problem when the money was taken, a felony complaint says. ...

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Framingham police discover ‘hide-a-key’ that permitted unrecorded access to evidence room

The Middlesex District Attorney's Office is notifying defendants that the Framingham police discovered a "hide-a-key" that permitted unrecorded access to their evidence room, according to statements from prosecutors and police. November 5, 2016 The Middlesex District Attorney's Office is notifying defendants that the Framingham police discovered a ...

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Former CPD narcotics supervisor pleads guilty as part of plea bargain

Coomes, who resigned from CPD Oct. 22, 2015, was accused of obtaining narcotics out of the police department's evidence room under the guise of using them in educational programs. November 3, 2016 A former Columbus Police Department narcotics division supervisor pleaded guilty Thursday to felony possession of methamphetamine, felony official miscon...

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Officials: Pflugerville police under two separate investigations

Texas Rangers are helping to look into money missing from the Police Department's evidence room. Enter Article DATE HERE PFLUGERVILLE — The Texas Rangers confirmed Thursday that they are assisting in a months-long investigation into missing money from the Pflugerville Police Department's evidence room, while officials say a separate, unrelated...

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Money missing from Pflugerville police evidence room

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BPD corruption case reveals flaws in evidence check-out policy

In court documents, disgraced former officers Damacio Diaz and Patrick Mara acknowledged substituting look-alike substances for drugs from the department's evidence room. October 25, 2016 BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — The corruption case of two former Bakersfield Police Department officers has left the department reviewing its policy and proced...

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Ex-Sheriff Randy Fisher, son investigated

Fisher theorized the seized money, which was kept inside an evidence room safe in two separate packages, fell onto the floor and into a trash pile beneath the safe. October 25, 2016 STAUNTON - Former Augusta County Sheriff Randy Fisher and his son are under investigation by Virginia State Police and are suspected of illegally possess...

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Harris County deputy fired amid investigation into destroyed evidence

Hess ended up destroying nearly 8,000 items. Of those items, 861 were traced back to 470 open cases, 183 of which have been determined to be drug-related cases, according to a newsrelease by the constable's office. Enter Article DATE HERE Harris County The Harris County Precinct 4 constable's office has fired a deputy on the heels of allegatio...

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Johnstown police officer who overdosed is identified; had hammer laying next to him

"It appeared as if he was trying to hammer himself into the secure evidence room within the police department," Callihan said during an afternoon news conference. Enter Article DATE HERE JOHNSTOWN – The Johnstown police officer who overdosed on Sept. 18 inside the Public Safety Building on Washington Street was identified Friday as William Sli...

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Probe into cash missing from State Police evidence room continues

Nearly $10,000 — including some logged as evidence against Aubrey Earl Rye, a 52-year-old Interlochen man, who was convicted of armed robbery in 2014 — vanished from the MSP Cadillac post sometime after Rye was arrested on Dec. 8, 2013. October 8, 2016 TRAVERSE CITY — A Grand Traverse County prosecutor hopes just a few weeks are left in a lengthy i...

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DA identifies officer accused of overdosing, says chief knew of evidence room problem

Callihan identified the officer who allegedly overdosed as Officer William Slisz, a multi-year Johnstown Police Department veteran and a member of the Cambria County Drug Task Force. October 8, 2016 The initial investigation into a Johnstown police officer's alleged overdose has shown that Johnstown police Chief Craig Foust knew of a potential brea...

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Johnstown police chief placed on leave after officer's in-station overdose

Enter Headline here Oct. 7, 2016 Johnstown's police chief has been placed on paid leave in the wake of an officer's on-duty drug overdose in the police station. Johnstown solicitor Carl Beard says Friday that Chief Craig Foust's leave is a "precautionary measure for everybody's protection." The city planned a news conference later in the afternoon....

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Sullivan gives update on Braintree Police evidence scandal

Sullivan told the council that both a review being supervised by Town Solicitor Lisa Maki and an investigation of the evidence room by investigators from the state attorney general's office will continue. October 6, 2016 BRAINTREE – Only one town councilor asked a question as Mayor Joseph Sullivan appeared before the council Tuesday night to give a...

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Interim police chief named in Braintree

Move comes after 5 Investigates first reported missing drugs, money from department evidence room​ Oct 03, 2016 BRAINTREE, Mass. —5 Investigates has learned Paul Shastany, the former police chief in Stoughton, will be named the interim police chief in Braintree. The town has also hired retired Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Dan Linskey to he...

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Time to get serious about protecting evidence

The evidence room at the Braintree Police Departmentseems to have been about as well organized as a household junk drawer —an emblem of shoddy leadership by department command staff and, even more, of the sorry state of the officer left in charge. September 28, 2016 The evidence room at the Braintree Police Department seems to have been about as we...

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Sheriff denies he misled anyone about destroyed evidence

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Charges against Randolph man to be dropped over Braintree evidence problems

The case would be the 12th to be dismissed since Braintree officials announced that they had discovered major problems in the police department's evidence room and had hired an outside auditor. September 17, 2016 According to The Patriot Ledger , the Norfolk District Attorney's office said Friday that it will drop the charges, which dated back to 2...

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Prosecutor reviews cases involving questionable evidence room

A central Missouri prosecutor says she's reviewing all cases her office has handled since 2013 involving items that were kept in a sheriff's department evidence room she believes was improperly secured. September 14, 2016 LINN (AP) — A central Missouri prosecutor says she's reviewing all cases her office has handled since 2013 involving items that ...

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5 Investigates obtains police evidence room audit finding thousands of dollars unaccounted for

Enter Headline here September 14, 2016 BRAINTREE, Mass. —5 Investigates has obtained a copy of an audit of the Braintree Police evidence room, and it shows missing evidence connected to criminal cases dating back to 1999. 5 Investigates first reported that the Norfolk County district attorney's office has been reviewing cases from 2013 to the prese...

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Former employee charged with stealing $51,500 from Bothell police evidence room

King County prosecutors Wednesday charged a former Bothell Police Department evidence technician with first-degree theft for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from a police evidence room. September 7, 2016 King County prosecutors Wednesday charged a former Bothell Police Department evidence technician with first-degree theft for allegedly ste...

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Spokane police find fire arm in stolen vehicle

Enter Headline here August 28, 2016 SPOKANE, Wash --- Spokane Police Officials said they discovered a firearm in a stolen vehicle a year after they seized the vehicle. The car was going to be sold at auction when they found the firearm. Alex Redthunder was arrested in March 2015 after he left his vehicle and eluded authorities. Officials said Redth...

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Harris County: 90 drug cases dismissed

According to Herman he immediately fired the deputy who had worked in the evidence room for 14 years. The deputy had no charges filed against him. 08/27 2016 TYLER, Texas (KTRK)- The Harris County District Attorney's office has dismissed 90 drug cases after a Precinct 4 deputy constable threw away evidence connected to pending cases. Constable Mark...

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Cop who stole pills, cash gets 90 days in jail

Ex-Upper Darby Police Officer Brad Ross may have stolen as many as 3,767 pills, along with $14,220.54 in cash, cellphones, gift cards and jewelry, from the Upper Darby police evidence room, August 26, 2016 MEDIA COURTHOUSE >> A former Upper Darby police officer who pleaded guilty in June to stealing pills and money from the department's evide...

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Springfield City Councilor Timothy Allen reviews city's cash controls, citing golf course raid and missing evidence room money

Kevin Burnham, a long-time Springfield police officer who oversaw the department's evidence room for nearly two decades, was charged in January with stealing over $385,000 in cash seized during drug investigations. August 16, 2016 SPRINGFIELD -- City Councilor Timothy Allen held a review of the city's cash handling procedures Monday afternoon,...

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Gravestone mystery at Stark County Jail unsolved

The site lists his grave as being in West Beech Cemetery in the Alliance area. Aug. 7, 2016 CANTON Harry McDonough was born in 1898, served during World War I and died in 1953, a year after the Canton city directory listed him as an employee at U.S. Steel.Clarence O. Oswalt was just about a year old when he passed in 1911. The graves...

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Former police janitor, 70, charged federally for smuggling guns from evidence, authorities say

Hunter was first arrested more than one year ago – in July 2015 – suspected of smuggling numerous guns out the department's evidence room and selling them. He was out on bond from state charges that stemmed from that arrest. August 05, 2016 ATF and ALEA agents arrested Roy Ellis Hunter after a 2015 raid into gun trafficking. He was arrested ag...

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Fired Abilene police officer accused of mishandling marijuana evidence to be reinstated

City and police officials argued during the hearing that Jefferson checked out an unknown amount of marijuana from the evidence room on Sept. 3, 2009, and never returned it. They could find no record or person to validate Jefferson's claim that it was returned. August 5, 2016 A former Abilene police officer accused of taking marijuana out of eviden...

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FBI, state police search Petersburg Police Headquarters amid misconduct allegations

The investigation involved allegations of officer misconduct, including an incident where it was believed $9,700 went missing from the police department's evidence room. That dollar amount then increased to about $13,000 July 28, 20`6 PETERSBURG, Va. -- Virginia State Police and the FBI conducted a search of Petersburg Police Headquarters. The week...

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Indictments for 56 cases handed down by grand jury include Aragon PD theft cases

Among those indicted are two Aragon Police Officers accused last year of stealing handguns from the evidence room in separate incidents in 2013 and 2015. July 19, 2016 Polk County's Grand Jury convened to hear dozens of cases and decide whether to move them on to trial and came back with 56 true bills of indictment in the Tallapoosa circuit courts....

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